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:D (Episode 11)

HEY HEY WHATAYA SAY ITS TIME FOR LOWEBOYS 2!  SO COME ON AND PLAY WITH YOUR HOST CHRISTIAN!  YO HI@! ^7%$#@*&()+_\|/><‘”;:=?. Now that’s whata call awkward. Now today we have to have a short episode due to time. So anyway lets get to the random dancing! DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA. Welcome to CXl D. A.!  (D.A. stands for DA) (Oh and CXL stands for MY ****** WORLD!) (Oh sorry i mean my ****** CITY!) So enough of that (NO ANYWAYING) lets get to the fun stuff! (What the heck is that) NOW ITS TIME TO SAY GOOD BY SAY GOOD BYE! YES ITS TIME TO SAY SO LONG AND ADIOS TO YOU PEOPLE STARING AT THE SCREEN SO YOU GET MY POINT OF BY DO YA? OK WAIT WAIT WAIT… BY! AND SO LONG TO THE FANS IN DE CLUB! (Still we the heck is that)


O_o (Episode 9)

HEY HEY WHATAYA SAY ITS TIME FOR LOWEBOYS 2!  SO COME ON AND PLAY WITH YOUR HOST CHRISTIAN! O_o welcome to the episode of O_o. This face: O_o is a very (Very 100 more times) puzzled face. Now if you ask why this is why: PUZZLEZ! o-o i’m dyin’ here! So anyway today I had hockey right after school and now i’m tired so you can get why this episode is late so anyway (man i say anyway ALOT) from now on there is no ANYWAYS or ANYWAYING in this thing-a-ma-bobber. And moving on the top 5 have been running around all day to day and here it is: 1. half-hair half-mustache (Episode 7) 2. Ep.3 3. About 4. EP.5 5. Swaggalicous (Episode 4 Special) that makes loweboys 2 return 1st place! Also if you would like to vote your favourite loweboy topic please answer our poll on the bottom of the site. You now, we only get better and you can also check at the bottom of the site: The top 5 posts, Total blog views, Pictures and more! Well see you later fans!

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Today’s News

Ep.3 of Christian’s cool questions of the day earns #1 Most views in last 2 Days

Swaggalicous (Episode 4 Speacial) Takes #5 All Time

We Reached 300 VIEWS!

Current top 5 last 2 days:


half-hair half-mustache (Episode 7)


Top 5 Posts (Loweboys 2 Episode 6)


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Top 5 Posts (Loweboys 2 Episode 6)

Yesterday we got a fairly big amount of views and now I want to show them all right to you! so placing in 5th place is: Day 2/30 – June 25 now this was very tight but in 4th place is leading just ahead by 2 views its: Episode 2: All about Hawks. Now this is out of 17 but placing in 3rd leading by just 1 view is: Day 4/30-June 27. And that is make 30 minutes in nature for 30 days the most popular Category so placing in 2nd is: Episode 3: Seagulls and number one (1st place) is Day 3/30-June 26. But remember yesterday was the date of 7 new posts and so one of them actually went to 6th place. Well maybe we will see it in the top 5 very soon. This is your host cxl joe saying bye bye to all

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