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Chickens (Ep.4)

Chickens are one of the greatest animals in the world. They play with each other, they can fly, (If the farmer doesn’t  fatten it) They can even cross obstacle courses! These beautiful birds are not treated fairly. They just chop their heads off and eat them. Since everybody eat them now nobody gives them a chance anymore. They only let them live for 2 Weeks. So now here’s the amazing picture of chickens!images (2) So now you’ve seen it all. Please don’t call someone a chicken. They are just defending themselves. They are quite brave to live at a factory farm. Well that’s it for this episode. Tune in next time for more amazing bird facts!



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Top 5 Posts (Loweboys 2 Episode 6)

Yesterday we got a fairly big amount of views and now I want to show them all right to you! so placing in 5th place is: Day 2/30 – June 25 now this was very tight but in 4th place is leading just ahead by 2 views its: Episode 2: All about Hawks. Now this is out of 17 but placing in 3rd leading by just 1 view is: Day 4/30-June 27. And that is make 30 minutes in nature for 30 days the most popular Category so placing in 2nd is: Episode 3: Seagulls and number one (1st place) is Day 3/30-June 26. But remember yesterday was the date of 7 new posts and so one of them actually went to 6th place. Well maybe we will see it in the top 5 very soon. This is your host cxl joe saying bye bye to all

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Episode 3: Seagulls

Oh those silly seagulls always  trying to steal food and other stuff but they to are interesting. You no they can be found in many places in North America. many have bad opinions of these birds like: Living here on the South Coast of England we have more than our fair share of Herring Gulls. These large, noisy, aggressive birds have a bit of a bad reputation. But do they really have a bad reputation? well I mean everybody’s got to eat, that’s why they steal food. If you live on the road or on the beach and you need to eat you’ll have to steal, but that doesn’t mean you should because there birds! they cant ask for food! they have no choice. Anyway here is a photo.

pretty talented he can stand on one leg! Cool huh!

well thats it for today. stay tuned for more fun bird facts on Christian’s Amazing Bird Facts!


Episode 2:All about Hawks

This time its all about hawks. as part of the group known as birds of prey they have acute eyesight, muscular legs and sharp bills. The nostrils are located just above the bill on a fleshy patch of skin that is called the cere. Hawks are known for their sharp talons, which they use to catch prey even when in flight. Amazing aren’t they. look at these amazing hawk pictures. Pretty cool aren’t they.

Well thats all you need to know about hawks! stay tuned for more amazing bird facts.

Episode 1: Bald Eagles

Today I am researching bald eagles. If you ask “why are they called bald eagles?” its because their heads are white and it makes it literally “bald”.When you look at a bald eagle you notice its sharp beak and why is that so important?  heres why: Like other birds, an eagle’s beak is designed to help it eat its favorite food…fish. Eagles are meat eaters, so they need beaks that will help them tear meat. A Bald Eagle’s beak is long and slender with a hook on the end. The hook is used to pull and rip animal flesh. At the same time the beak’s long slender shape makes the eagle very streamlined, helping it travel at high speeds. Heres an exelent photo I got of a Bald Eagle

Amazing isn’t it notice its white head and sharp beak?

When you look at the picture you notice his extraordinary eyes. the bald eagle has amazing eyesight that can see over 1000 feet far ( that is very good eyesight) Well… That’s all for these Amazing Bird facts. Styed tuned for more!

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Bird are Amazing,they can fly,walk and do lots more things.some of you have a pet bird but that bird you want to know more about, what it likes and what it doesn’t and lots more things. If you’d like to hear lots of fun fact about these bird species read Christian’s Amazing Bird Facts! you will learn many things about birds and also see what they look like. join me Christian on this amazing bird adventure. so stay tuned for more bird facts!

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