Happy Valentines Day! (Episode 14 Special)

HEY HEY WHATAYA SAY ITS TIME FOR LOWEBOYS 2!  SO COME ON AND PLAY WITH YOUR HOST CHRISTIAN! Why does it never paste the exclamation  mark? I guess its me or WordPress. Lets get back to what we were doing. Happy Valentines day everybody! I hope you got lots of chocolate but no sugar rush! Sugar rush is bad considering most people think its being hyper. But lets make this short. ITS NOT! I wanted to say thanks to all your viewers out there because I never want to get zero views again.  I wanted to give you a little extra something today… So I did! This is the valentine special! If you got 20 valentines cards today, well I am going to make that 21! Because this is a valentine! (Literally) Its called an electronic valentine. Hey! I finally invented something! OH YEAH BOO YAAAHHHHH! WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE YEAH! I’m soooooo happy. Now I have a job when i’m not even 10 years old!  But I guess i’m not going to  make very much money with these valentines. Well I did break a record. WORLD’S LONGEST VALENTINE! :D. I couldn’t be happier today. My friend, its time you know that Loweboys 2 will be ending on March 28th. But i’t will a very exciting day too because Loweboys 3 comes out! Its also my birthday! 😀 BIG BIG BIG PLANS. But this valentines special has to end at some point and guess what. ITS NOW!   (What the heck is that) NOW ITS TIME TO SAY GOOD BY SAY GOOD BYE! YES ITS TIME TO SAY SO LONG AND ADIOS TO YOU PEOPLE STARING AT THE SCREEN SO YOU GET MY POINT OF BY DO YA? OK WAIT WAIT WAIT… BY! AND SO LONG TO THE FANS IN DE CLUB! (Still we the heck is that)


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