Gangnam Style (Episode 8)

HEY HEY WHATAYA SAY ITS TIME FOR LOWEBOYS 2!  SO COME ON AND PLAY WITH YOUR HOST CHRISTIAN! Its time for the wiggle show! DA DA DA…. Now what… oh; duhsifjehbudiwjkbuiwbgrwbeuirtbiu4tutiugvtriugtu uigbytbuitbu4ibtuib t49iutgg849fjkfjkfbf rfiutbuittbiutrbtiu45uibt5 tututuir59u409u459y4586jk59045309 545945489-05986658765986530971-0729875098670965709676-098-476-4764 654tgiugher 4534905yu 3508450 8054 8 804508530548. Man Computer language is AWESOME! Now to say Hi PSY! and listen to gangnam style! (GO ON YOU TUBE!) Uh HUH. Weird but awesome. You do gah tchun in de yourga! IKR KOREAN. The first ever song not in english in 1st place. (USA) Now everybody has to not like a song right? so if you comment and tell me a song you hate will= A PRIZE! So Get your 10 View prize if you comment an very annoying song. (I do like Gangnam Style) So Get those comments ‘a writin’ before you get thrown out of town. Golly that would be bad. (Cowboy Thing-a-ma-bobber TM. So now its time for… Random Dancing!  Wait a minute.. Ono Douse Time to go adios!

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