half-hair half-mustache (Episode 7)

HEY HEY WHATAYA SAY ITS TIME FOR LOWEBOYS 2!  SO COME ON AND PLAY WITH YOUR HOST CHRISTIAN! Billy Bob Joe is definetly back for more action today with our 7th episode! Now for our random out of context theata (theater) its time for me to tell you what happened at my school assembly today-everybody saw a teacher get half his hair and mustache off. It was 100% hilarious. And next up we have (Disgusting) PORK CHOP PANCAKES! Yep you got to have ’em. Apparently there full of yummines and….. FAT! So fellow children do not ask your mom or dad for Pork chop pancakes. UKK. Now we only got 1 VOTE on our new poll and that is very,very annoying. PLEASE PLEASE check it out. The question is what is your favourite loweboy category. (And so far Loweboys 2 is in the lead :D) Yesterday I got some new wigets on the bottom of the site and there is the top 5 posts in the last 2 days (Loweboys 2 has the first place right now but what will happen when the 2 days are up? Which one of the will take the lead? We will see later! This is your host cxl joe signing off and have a good evening folks!

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2 thoughts on “half-hair half-mustache (Episode 7)

  1. Susan (aka Nana) says:

    It must have been ‘national assembly day in schools’! Cousin Keady also had an assembly; we were too late and missed it. It was also crazy, crazy hair day!

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