Swaggalicous (Episode 4 Special)

HEY HEY WHATAYA SAY ITS TIME FOR LOWEBOYS 2!  SO COME ON AND PLAY WITH YOUR HOST CHRISTIAN! Yo! its time for cxl joe to kick you up on some “Swaggalicous” stuff! Well thats an awkward silence. YOU MAD BRO? and who’s catch phrase is that? well…. lets just leave you hanging till tomorrow. So lets go back and sing jump jump jump jump jumping piggy style! hhheeeyyy sexy piggy! Jump jump jump jump jumping piggy style. So anyway its time to rock because we are BACK any older viewers so you better read the next Swaggalicos episodes! Enough of that let us get to the fun stuff So go on YouTube and type Some nights by fun. (Rated PG 14) it ain’t a good video kids! So ask an adult there is guns. (obviously but i really just like the song) if you ask me anything like Call of duty and Ha-lo well no way to me guns are ******. so anyway if you don’t want to watch that video than listen to the preview on iTunes. Well I really like the thing that says “Special” up there because we get an extra long EPISODE! So I am going to 300 words! So anyway I said mr. “Prime Minister i know you like chocolate” “He he” “whats wrong with him” “he thinks your naked” “my shell is brown only a fool would think i would show up naked” “So its that kind of party hit it!” IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT! Yes I do like the M&M’s Sexy and I know it commercial. Hey wait a minute… THAT’S ON YOU TUBE! And so check it out! “And Scene” -_- Don’t tell me what to do this is a SPECIAL not some kind of Dumb Bath. Oh man your right BYE TO ALL!


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One thought on “Swaggalicous (Episode 4 Special)

  1. loweboys says:

    The most busy thing on this site. Its only from today and its the 6th place Post on the blog. Man i make these things so random

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