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Kayak Surfing on Lake Ontario

It’s been a while, thought this outing was worth sharing especially since I had my phone camera and my brother there to tape. Took up Stand Up Paddle Boarding a few weeks back. For me, it’s better than being in the woods. It’s an incredible full body workout, being on the water feels like home to me and I’ve had a chance to enjoy nature moreso than visiting the local pond. The other day I saw an 18″ fish jump straight out of the water with an eel in it’s mouth. The belly was white then changed to grey at the edges. Who knows what type of fish it was. I checked online but couldn’t tell. A few minutes later I came face to face with a baby muskrat. I saw them first but when they noticed me the baby turned around, took a few strides towards me and starred for a good 60 seconds. I’m not sure who was more interested in the other. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful birds also. Last week in Frenchmen’s Bay I saw a bird that I’d seen in South Carolina and BrookGreen Gardens. The shores of Lake Ontario are full of incredible nature, not to mention how beautiful the lake is. I really hope the Ethanol Plant doesn’t ruin what is quickly becoming a sanctuary for me. I see many people, even at 6:00 AM enjoying the peacefulness of the lake while sipping their coffee of strolling along. I was surprised how many cars were there at 6:00 AM, at least 10 and it was a Monday. My eyes are open to the beauty of this incredible lake. I don’t think we should stop worrying about the water quality but we shouldn’t overreact. Play in it but don’t drink it. Of course we all drink it, which is why it kills me when people spray pesticide quietly in their yard even though there is a ban. I feel like going up and saying, you know, that chemical you just sprayed will be in your pee in a few months or less. It’ll be in your kids liver and my kids livers too. My green lawn has less weeds than yours and I don’t use anything. So maybe you should reconsider your weed strategy. Rant over.

Anyway, tonight one of my brothers and I went to the point. We paddled through the very shallow and murky Second Marsh just east of GM plant and crossed the sand beach to Lake Ontario. The waves were 1′ to 3′. You can’t really tell in the video but there were times when i’d lose sight of Josh between waves. I’ve been in Lake Ontario 8 times in the past 2 weeks and I still only have 2 eyes. I think we underestimate how usable LO is. I’ve really started enjoying one of the seven wonders of the world, the great Lake Ontario.



Welcome to more crazy fun question’s today it’ll be awesome you think and also if you have a question leave a comment so your question can be on the next episode anyway here is the question’s


1.How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? many dots, esclaimation marks and question marks can you put at the end of a sentance?

3. what is bob usually named in?

4.Who is joe?


1. A woodchuck could chuck as much wood as a woodchuck chucks if a woodchuck could chuck wood



4.billy bob joe

confused? don’t worry you’ll be back to normal soon

until next time!