Episode 3: Seagulls

Oh those silly seagulls always  trying to steal food and other stuff but they to are interesting. You no they can be found in many places in North America. many have bad opinions of these birds like: Living here on the South Coast of England we have more than our fair share of Herring Gulls. These large, noisy, aggressive birds have a bit of a bad reputation. But do they really have a bad reputation? well I mean everybody’s got to eat, that’s why they steal food. If you live on the road or on the beach and you need to eat you’ll have to steal, but that doesn’t mean you should because there birds! they cant ask for food! they have no choice. Anyway here is a photo.

pretty talented he can stand on one leg! Cool huh!

well thats it for today. stay tuned for more fun bird facts on Christian’s Amazing Bird Facts!



4 thoughts on “Episode 3: Seagulls

  1. Susan (aka Nana) says:

    Christian, about the seagulls….they do have a bad reputation but they are so cool to watch as they fly low over the mud flats, then landing and checking out their next meal or a snack. I have taken some cool photos of them. I am wondering…are they the birds who leave a white ‘mess’ on my car windows? 🙂 Hugs, Nana

    • loweboys says:

      a bad reputation you say! i dont think of that they are just birds that eat the same things as us and so how else can they get food? buy paying money?from

  2. Susan (aka Nana) says:

    hey its maddie at nana’s! wow this is so cool. i am so glad that you are doing this, i wish that i could go with you guys every night. i miss you!! these pictures are amzing! especially Chucky the beaver. he is adorable. hey! i wonder if you guys can figure out his age. christian! i love your information about the birds, you are so smart! Are you a straight A student yet!!? i especially love the eagles! beautiful animals. Skype me!

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