Episode 2:All about Hawks

This time its all about hawks. as part of the group known as birds of prey they have acute eyesight, muscular legs and sharp bills. The nostrils are located just above the bill on a fleshy patch of skin that is called the cere. Hawks are known for their sharp talons, which they use to catch prey even when in flight. Amazing aren’t they. look at these amazing hawk pictures. Pretty cool aren’t they.

Well thats all you need to know about hawks! stay tuned for more amazing bird facts.


5 thoughts on “Episode 2:All about Hawks

  1. Josh says:

    Great bird facts Christian, awesome photos! I wonder what bird of prey can fly the fastest?

  2. Susan (aka Nana) says:

    Wow!! Christian I love your eagle/hawk bird facts. Nana waits and watches for ‘our’ eagle, whom we have named Eddie Eagle. He loves to perch high on top of the maple tree overlooking the river in our backyard; also perches on the oldest fir tree…as you saw last summer. We have seen him soaring along the low tide/mud flats looking for a meal…maybe!!
    Your photos are excellent!!
    We saw a humming bird last night in the herb garden! So beautiful! Hugs, Nana

    • loweboys says:

      I wonder if you still see the old eagle often. the eagle bird is very interesting.

      • Susan (aka Nana) says:

        Well, we haven’t seen Eddie Eagle for a few weeks now. We do see a lot of seagulls; they are beautiful to watch as they fly by over the river. Hooray for the river because it is definitely a favorite place for birds and bird-watchers!! our neighbor Nancy has seen a heron at low tide; we missed it. 😦 Hugs, Nana

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