Episode 1: Bald Eagles

Today I am researching bald eagles. If you ask “why are they called bald eagles?” its because their heads are white and it makes it literally “bald”.When you look at a bald eagle you notice its sharp beak and why is that so important?  heres why: Like other birds, an eagle’s beak is designed to help it eat its favorite food…fish. Eagles are meat eaters, so they need beaks that will help them tear meat. A Bald Eagle’s beak is long and slender with a hook on the end. The hook is used to pull and rip animal flesh. At the same time the beak’s long slender shape makes the eagle very streamlined, helping it travel at high speeds. Heres an exelent photo I got of a Bald Eagle

Amazing isn’t it notice its white head and sharp beak?

When you look at the picture you notice his extraordinary eyes. the bald eagle has amazing eyesight that can see over 1000 feet far ( that is very good eyesight) Well… That’s all for these Amazing Bird facts. Styed tuned for more!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 1: Bald Eagles

  1. Susan (aka Nana) says:

    maddie again! that is a beautiful picture!! is it real or off the internet? Christian? did you do this by yourself or did your dad and the internet help you?

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