Day 8 – July 1

Happy Canada Day everyone.

Day 7 was a brief nature outing on our way to the Farmers’ Market and Home Depot, we made a quick stop at the pond to see how Chucky was making out – no sightings.

Day 8, better luck. We were joined this evening by the Verbaans – two of their three joined our three – yes five boys navigating the shoreline of the pond in search of a beaver. We looked everywhere, both of his lodges and all along the dam he built. It wasn’t until our second round along the dam that we spotted him. He swims so slow it’s almost as if he’s still. I wonder if there’s a message in there somewhere. If I moved that slow Chrisa would k _ _ _ me! We’re learning how to find and get close to Chucky. If we go to the far end of the pond he tends to swim back to the bank which leads over the hill to the other pond where his lodge is. Once he’s far enough up the path, we can follow behind him. We were a little too anxious tonight and Chucky turned back into the dam water. We weren’t able to get a close up. I’m certain the Verbaans will join us again and next time we’ll be more patient. I bet Mr. Verbaan will bring his good camera! Maybe he’ll bring a few beers too! C’mion, I lead the expedition, you bring the food.

Here are a few photos.

Lucas kept seeing and mentioning these reddish-orange bugs. We found the two below spooning.

We got a closer look at the construction of the dam tonight. Each of the boys had to walk over the stream on a fallen tree stretching across. They love the little challenges along the way. This dam must be 4-6 feet in height and 100 ft across. As far as I can tell, there’s only one beaver doing all the work. Incredible.



Full moon! This shot was taken at around 9:00 PM.

A few friends joined our adventure. There was quite a bit of excitement from all five boys and they were all well behaved.

Chucky in the long grass. Can you spot Waldo?


It was getting dark when Chucky headed back for the dam water. I had to lighten this up so you can see but it ended up being a neat photo as you can see his body and tail with more clarity in the photo than we could right there watching. I wonder if beavers can swim fast…anybody want to comment, look up…Josh?

We met some friends and watched fireworks on our way home. Great night.

Lesson from tonight is remember to wear pants. To be clear here, we do wear shorts, but pants would be better. There are lots of weeds with prickly thorns and the boys wince quite a bit in the harsher terrain – except Cyrus of course. He just plows through without a word of complaint. He often stumbles full steam ahead trying to keep up. We kept the helmet on him tonight – paid off – he hit the deck at least 10 times. I bet the beaver could use him to clear paths!!

Christian almost fell into the dam water – that would have been a nice smell (sarcasm).

I think next day we’ll bring some garbage bags and clean up a little.




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