Day 6/30 – June 29

Day 5 was a birthday party and a new bike for Lucas so he can keep up with us on our next biking to nature adventure. No nature on Day 5. On to Day 6. We headed to Toronto and decided to stop at the Guild. The view from a top the glacier carved bluffs is fantastic. It’s a view too many of us South Eastern Ontarians have trouble appreciating because of the polluted lake we mourn each time we gaze. I often think about how amazing it would be if Lake Ontario were clean. But we can still enjoy it. I’ve kayaked on it 5 times this spring/summer and it’s always crystal clear. I’ve seen huge fish spawning in a marsh and swimming along. Catfish cleaning the bottom and crayfish moving swiftly on the lake floor also.

Back to the Guild. A nice peaceful walk once the boys got engaged. Nature takes the edge off. It was only 20 minutes ago they got a tongue lashing for fighting on the way there. But once I was engaged, I had more patience for them. Maybe it wasn’t themin the first place – who knows. I see so many families, mine included, that get so tensed up taking care of the kids, watching out for them, making sure they don’t annoy the neighbors, that they obey, that they are kind, polite and friendly…we need more nature. It brings calm. Chaos after nature is more bearable; I believe this. Nature is not really that far off. Big mountains, streams, cotage lakes, they’re far, but we have natural areas in proximity to our homes and communities. These natural areas can also be therapeutic. See Mr. Chucky – Day 1 & 2.

We took a few neat shots. I’ll leave you to consider your own stories as you view.



2 thoughts on “Day 6/30 – June 29

  1. Josh says:

    A thought or observation inspired by nature is a good thing, I love it when nature takes hold. Last time I was out in the vegetable garden, I spent along time admiring a dragonfly that had dropped by. I think it was a Widow Skimmer, pretty awesome looking dragonfly,way more impressive when it’s right there, living, in front of you.

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