Day 4/30 – June 27

We didn’t have much time to plan or make our way to tonight’s nature destination so we headed to the other storm-water pond in our neighborhood. I think this is a good lesson for me in that even when you don’t have much time or your tired, nature is still possible. 30-40 minutes in the midst of birds, cattails, tall grass, and frog croaks is relaxing. I’t’s therapeutic, not just while you’re there but when you kids say afterwards, “that was better than watching television all night”. The rewards aren’t always immediate or what you’d think, but they are plentiful. Our nightly adventures have become a great point of leverage in our house – parents, take note!!

So, first up, we walked to a bit of a peninsula and Lucas noticed four goose eggs. They looked abandoned, not sure what that means but we kept a few feet away so as not to disturb them.

Christian insisted we take a photo of the flower (weed!) below. Wow, beautiful.

Cyrus tagged along through the prickly weeds without any complaining, tough little dude. Cyrus claims to have seen a fox, a big fish (in a little pond), and many frogs. I’m expecting him to see Sasquatch next week! He so wants to spot something for his claim to fame. Here’s one of the frogs we did find in the weeds. Might be tough to see, not a very focused shot either. Bridget, you need to teach me the right settings for this type of shot.


Our best shot of the night was this baby frog Christian spotted and held. All life is beautiful, we’re certainly learning that.

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One thought on “Day 4/30 – June 27

  1. Susan (aka Nana) says:

    Thanks, Lowe boys; Nana has really started to take even greater notice of nature…for instance I noticed a dragonfly in the backyard; I haven’t seen one for many years…I noticed a beautiful monarch butterfly fluttering around my bushes and of course the birds on the riverbed at low tide. Hope you had another great time with Dad exploring nature. Hugs to you all. xoxoxoxo

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