Day 3/30 – June 26

Again, all three boys and I headed out, this time by car to Enniskillen Conservation Area off Holt Road just north of Concession 7. About 8-10 minutes from our home. It’s a great area for hiking with younger ones because it has well maintained trails. Before we even got there a car in front of us braked and we quickly noticed what I think was a baby vulture. We turned the van around and as I started clicking pictures we noticed a large vulture up in the tree. My brother Josh (aka Birdman) will confirm via comment if I am guessing right.


We began our walk through a dense coniferous forest with the sun shining through, very pretty although I’m not a good enough photographer to have properly captured.


Even though Lucas and Cyrus were at it, don’t presume nature is peaceful with three young boys, there was light at the end of the tunnel as nature took over and they quieted.


Lucas asked to take over the camera for a bit. His eye quickly caught the roots of an old tree trunk. Below is the photo he took. I took most of the color out – not a bad shot for a 6 yr old. Very cool that he noticed that it was an opportunity for a great shot.


Christian took over the camera and shot a nearby pile of wood. I guess someone else was enjoying nature – perhaps making a home for a critter.


A couple of notable experiences for the kids today. We used numerous senses on our adventure this evening. Sight obviously for looking for plants, animals and sunsets. Hearing to identify a woodpecker in the distance and a squirrel overhead who fell from a massive tree almost 100 ft before landing in a bush and gathering himself. We also used our sense of smell. As Lucas and Christian were taking pictures we noticed a foul smell. Being a Dad I naturally checked the bottom of everyone’s shoes, asked if someone “let a ripper” then without any proud claim I decided to look around. Didn’t take too long to spot a rotting Raccoon carcus, nice. No pictures to share, don’t worry.

We pushed on and found a few nice flowers, a stream and a couple of cute boys searching for frogs. Enniskillen is a great place for a picnic also. Perhaps this weekend if anyone is up for it. There’s lots of tables, shade, grass, a pond full of fish, toilets and nature – in no particular order.



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2 thoughts on “Day 3/30 – June 26

  1. Josh says:

    Feels good to get out for a walk in the woods, thanks loweboys i needed that!

    If I’m not mistaken, you nature cats had come across a wild turkey poult and her momma hen (i just learned something new, thought i’d share!). Awesome birds for sure, I always see small groups of wild turkey on the train ride from Oshawa to Montreal as you pass through farm countryside.

    • loweboys says:

      Turkeys can fly! I didn’t know that. Or are they just really good jumpers! We actually saw the babies fly awkwardly up to the lower branch. Didn’t see momma turkey until later.

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