Day 2/30 – June 25

We couldn’t help but go back to find Chucky this evening. Too many people were asking, “where’s the proof”, I mean, “where’s the photos?” We’re Lowe boys and we aim to please. Tonight, we brought along Cyrus, the youngest. If you ask him what we saw, it was a “chipmunk beaver”, “he had a black tail”, with “big eyes”. Lucas noticed Chucky’s tail was smooth and wide, and that he was misbehaving by cutting down so many trees. We’re not really sure if Chucky is a boy or a girl – perhaps we should have named it “Pat”, no offense Pats. Lucas was wondering how much harm having the trees knocked down and killed would affect other creatures such as insects and birds, and their families. Christian was thinking that the beavers were creating new habitats that might help some other species such as fish and birds who eat the fish. Christian noticed that a  large Heron who was fishing along the shore when we got there. I was first amazed at watching the diligence and significant amount of building this beaver, and presumably others, have been able to build – it’s quite incredible to see just how thorough they are. Below are pictures that tell the story. Enjoy!

Trees cut by beaver

Chucky’s amazing tail.

Chucky giving us the eye!

Chucky’s home in the stormwater pond. He lives here while making his new habitat on the other side of the pond. Smart dude.

The troubling part – Chucky is destroying the trees, and I mean a lot of trees, large ones too.

Detail on beaver’s tail is beautiful.

Another great evening in nature. Next.

Oh, and don’t forget to answer our poll below, Christian’s love stats!!! (he asked for three exclamation marks here just to be sure you get it)

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5 thoughts on “Day 2/30 – June 25

  1. Josh says:

    Aunt Bridget and I can’t get over how close and ‘posed’ photos of Chucky are! We can’t wait to see him and his work with you!

  2. Susan (aka Nana) says:

    maddie here! did Chucky get mad when you were that close or did you zoom in? anyways he is magnificient! and so so cute!

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