Day 1/30, June 24th, 2012

It was a bit of a dreary evening but we decided not to let the rain spoil our first adventure. We headed out on our bikes to the “natural area” near our home (aka “the storm-water pond”). Other than the sound of cars, it’s actually quite a natural area; lots of birds, a real brook over the hill and dense foliage throughout. Christian was leading with Lucas and I close behind. We hadn’t gotten more than 100 yards down the path when Christian spotted a large (bigger than your average Raccoon) brown animal coming up from the pond through the dense brush. By the time Lucas and I stopped, it was clear this was a gift from having set out on this adventure – a beaver! With amazement showing on all three of our faces, we waited to see what Chucky (as Christian named him) would do – he did nothing. We dared to go a little closer and he didn’t move which made me think, “why isn’t he scared?” I decided to back off and when we got as far as 10 feet away, he recommenced his journey up the hill. His tail was magnificent. Christian remembers the smooth look; I was surprised that it wasn’t wider – it was about 18 inches long. His teeth were hard to see but there was definitely an overbite. Lucas was timid but he closely followed behind me as we headed 20 feet down the path then up the hill to see if we could follow the Chucky on his way to work. Sure enough, he stopped briefly to gnaw on a small tree.

As we proceeded to get a better look, Chucky disappeared from sight. Not more than 1 minute passed when an odd looking creature was swimming in a large pool of water which I don’t recall being there. As the creature swam closer we noticed it was Chucky and he had a grocery bag over his head and was swimming along still determined to find branches on the pond. If you know the area you’re probably confused about the suggestion that there is a pond over the hill. Well, the beaver it would appear have capped off the previous stream and made their own pond. At first I thought it must have been a bulldozer that had done the work. It was fairly intricate; a row of bushes filled in with a bank of mud all the way around. As I got close I noticed the massive branches (and unfortunately, garbage) that was holding back most of the water.  Chucky has been hard at work I’d say for many months.

We were soaked with rain and joy. Once home, the boys were really excited to tell mommy.

Well, that was our first day out. It may be hard to duplicate but we’ll do our best. Stay tuned or join us.

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